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Borgslayer is a powerful congloberation of monsters created for the sole perpose of defeating the Beetleborgs.

Character History[]

The final monster of Season One. After Nukus was brought to life, he brought out 14 Beetleborgs monsters (Graxxis, LottaMuggs, Garganturat, Amphead, Cyber-Serpent, Dicehead, Porkasaurus, Mucant, Crimson Creep, Unctuous, Super Grenade Guy, Combat Gnat, Hypnomaniac, and Evil Eye) from their comic issues to battle the Beetleborgs.

During battle, a few monsters (namely Kombat Knat and Dicehead) were sent back again by Drew (who was in Mega Blue Beetleborg mode) before Nukus fused the energies of every one of Vexor's remaining monsters with the energies of the Beetleborgs' blaster powers to create one massive creature called Borgslayer, a composite monster that resembled Hypnomaniac with eight arms and many monster faces on him (among which were the faces of Vexor's brief second form, Shadowborg, Evil Eye, Combat Gnat, Malavex, Wingar, and Goldex).

Borgslayer was far too powerful as he destroyed Gargantis with little to no trouble, while the Magnavore Jet Fighters destroyed the Beetle Battle Base and all 3 A.V.'s. The only way to defeat Borgslayer was for the Beetleborgs to triangulate their fire power. By doing so, Borgslayer was finished; and the residual energy from the explosion managed to suck all the Magnavores and Vexor, back into the comic book world forever. But the battle was far from over, as Nukus and the Crustaceans became the Beetleborgs' newest threat.


  • Some of the monsters seen on Borgslayer were not brought out earlier, while others were never brought out, in the series. It is possible that Nukus used the energy of all of the comic book monsters, to make this creature, including previously seen, and unseen characters.