Blue Blaster Beetleborg
Chromium Gold Beetleborg
Name: Drew
Gender: Male
Season(s): Big Bad Beetleborgs
Beetleborgs Metallix
Color(s): Blue
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Beetle Rock, Part 1
Last Appearance: Mega Borg Power
Number of Episode
Actor: Wesley Barker
Blue blade
Gold battler

Drew McCormick is the leader of the Beetleborgs team. And the lead main protagonist

Character HistoryEdit

Drew, like his little sister and best friend Roland were dared into going inside the Hillhurst Mansion. Where all three freed Flabber and first received their powers.[1]

When Josh Baldwin, newest and most powerful Borg came along to help them. Drew felt very intimidated, but in the end he realized that Josh just wanted to help them defeat the Magnavoires.

Drew was able to help defeat the Shadowborg using newly upgraded armor he got from Vexor's energy axis and with help from Josh. Drew shows courage and leadership when fighting against anyone causing bother.


Non Beetleborg PowersEdit

Drew has the special ability of telekinesis which enables him to move objects using only his mind. He activates his power by pointing at an object and nodding his head.

Beetleborg Armor & PowersEdit

The Blue Stinger Beetleborg, and later the Chromium Gold Beetleborg in the second season, is the leader of the Beetleborgs.

Drew received an upgrade, Mega Blue Beetleborg, after he used the energy axis that powered Shadowborg on his original armor. After Roboborg arrived, Drew received a new upgrade, Mega Spectra Chromium Gold Beetleborg.



  • Drew's armor was modeled after a Japanese rhinoceros beetle.

Notes & ReferencesEdit