Name: Horribelle
Gender: Female
Season(s): Beetleborgs Metallix 1
Color(s): green
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First Appearance: Crush of the Crustaceans
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Actor: Claudine Barros

Horribelle is second in command of the Crustaceans, an insect-based sword-toting fighter and Nukus right-hand woman.

Character HistoryEdit

Metalix Rising ArcEdit

She was originaly one of the many horrifying drawings that littered Les's cell in Chaterville prison; Nukus freed her to be his advisor and assitant, finding her wonderfully horrible; Les named her based on the word. After Vilor was brought out as third in command, she helped release the inmates to cause chaos, allowing them to escape.[1] She later met the new Beetleborgs Metalix in battle with Nukus, but was soon sent back to the Magnavores' former hideout in cemetery. Later, she was sent to capture Art Fortunes and made fools of the Hilhurst monsters. Unfortunately, Art was freed and the war against the Metalix Beetleborg began.


Like Nukus, she can summon a face-mask in battle.She also wields two swords that resemble mantis arms. She once rebelled against the Crustaceans by having Les Fortunes create the Astral Axe, so she could control its powers out of a scorn for not receiving a mega form like the male villains. She favors the Crusacean Jetfighters over the Worm Tanks. Like Vilor and Nukus, Horribelle can bring things out of the 2 dimensional world and into reality.


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