Name: Jo McCormick
Gender: Female
Season(s): Big Bad Beetleborgs
Color(s): Red
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Beetle Rock, Part 1
Last Appearance: Mega Borg Power
Number of Episode
Actor: Shannon Chandler Brittany Konarzewski

Josehpine "Jo" McCormick- The Red Striker Beetleborg and later The Platinum Purple Beetleborg in the second season. And is one of the three main protagonists

Character HistoryEdit

Drew's little sister, like the others she was dared into going inside the Hillhurst Mansion. After evading the three monsters living there, the enter the palor and plays three accidental notes on the pipe organ; this releases a phantasm from the seventh dimension, Flabber, who offers to grant them any wish they desire as a reward for giving him his freedom. Despite thinking it a dream, she, Drew and Roland wish to become the Beetleborgs. However, Flabber accidentally traps them in the comic book world; he lets them out, and the Magnavores by accident.

With Drew and Roland, she takes on the identity of the comic book superheroes known as the Beetleborgs. They fight the Magnavores various times, sending their monster minions back to the comics each time. However, at the same time, they have to deal with the zany antics of the Hllhurst monsters that keep trying to eat them.

When Vexor creates the Shadowborg, the Beetleborgs ally with Art Fortunes, the creator of the comics that their powers came from. He gives them a new teammate and a new weapon; however, because it was due to Shadowborg's existence that they needed a new member, said member loses their powers upon the destruction of the imposter.

Eventually, the Magnavores make their last blunder, by unleashing Nukus from 2D land. He double-crosses them, sending the group back to the comics. Nukus then destroys the Big Bad powers, rendering the Beetleborgs powerless. Art Fortunes designs new powers, creating the Beetleborgs Metallix.


Non Beetleborg PowersEdit

Jo's powers of super strength given to her by Flabber are activated by cracking her knuckles. She usually hides the fact she's doing this in public, or comes up with a good lie. She often beats up the Hillhurst group with this power since they never learn their lesson about trying to eat them.

Beetleborg PowersEdit

After Roboborg arrived she received an upgrade to mega spectra Platinum Purple Beetleborg after Nukus and Vilor went Mega themselves. Her Red Striker armor was modeled after flower beetle, and her Platinum Purple armor after a Ladyborg.

Jo's Strange ChangeEdit


Jo's change

She was orginally played by Shannon Chandler and later Brittany Konarzewski.

In-show, the monsters are messing with Flabber's book of spells and are changing items at will. However, one of the spells hits Jo by mistake, making her smaller with a different look and voice. As the spell was accidental, it cannot be undone and must wear off on its own. However, Flabber casts a cloaking spell that allows others to see Jo as she was until the spell is gone; however, this doesn't happen within the series.