Les Fortunes 2

Les Fortunes

Lester "Les" Fortunes is the older brother of Arthur "Art" Fortunes. He is the Black Sheep of the Fortunes family. He seems to be a tad insane, given his time in prison, due to his erratic and jumpy behavior along with his appearance. In contrast to his brother, Art, Les desires to draw horrible monsters instead of heroes; the walls of his prison cell were littered with nothing but drawings of monsters. Amongst all the pictures were Horribelle and Vilor.

Character HistoryEdit

At one point in his childhood, he and Art made the Lost Comic containing the predecessors to the Beetleborgs.

Decades later, two of his pictures of Nukus end up in Art's possession and one is brought to life by Vexor. After Nukus double-crosses the Magnavores, Les is freed from prison by his creation along with other drawings of his. He is then taken back to the new HQ of the troop to act as the source of their arsenal.

Eventually however, after getting no respect from Nukus for at least a year or two, he willingly returns to prison to get some peace and quiet, leaving them without any weapons/monsters. He is presumed erased the Crustaceans or they are destroyed by Beetleborgs (at the end of the series).


  • It's never explained why he was imprisoned. Given that he only desires to bring his twisted ideas to life on paper, he most likely got arrested for drawing something quite terrible or stealing supplies for his work.
      • Though It's possible that he was a "starving artist" and resorted to stealing to survive. However, may have intentionally broken the law so he could get free means and board.
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