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   First Appearance: "This Old Ghost" (4/4/97)

Voice Actor: Brian Tahash

A green monster with a bird-like face and a voice like Scatman Crothers. He almost resembles Mucant, minus the wings (and add in the fact that Malavex was green). Malavex's pastime was playing his trumpet, but his music was disturbing the grave of Old Man Hillhurst. For Hillhurst to rest in peace again, the Beetleborgs had to send Malavex back to the comic. Roland did just that with his Hunter Claw. Drew pointed out that Malavex was from issue #138 (and was the most vicious Magnavore ever drawn). Malavex's head later appeared on Borgslayer.

NOTE: Malavex is a hybrid of two monster suits. It has the head of a bird-faced monster (known as Death Mult's first form in Juukou B-Fighter who was unused in this show) and the body of Parrot Top (from the MMPR episode "Alien Rangers of Aquitar (2)").