Name: Nukus
Gender: Male
Season(s): Big Bad Beetleborgs 1, 2
Color(s): Red
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First Appearance: Borgslayer!
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Number of Episode
Actor: Christopher Cho

Nukus is powerful and dangerous monster created by the deranged Les Fortunes. Is the main antagonist in season 2 Unlike Vexor, Nukus proved to be a capable and far more intelligent foe to the Beetleborgs. His self-given title is Overlord of the Second Dimension.

After betraying the Magnavores by sending them back to the comic world, Nukus began the founding of his group of villains dubbed the Crustateans (for some odd reason). Unlike the Magnavores, Nukus had no 2D picture to return to, giving him a great advantage in his conquest of 3D land.

Character HistoryEdit

Hid away in Art Fortune's vault until the Magnavores took the picture and Vexor brought him to life. Nukus quickly set a plan to dispose the Magnavores and took over as the new villain. He was able to destroy the Beetleborgs powers, likely thanks to not being part of the comic book continuity like the Magnovores, who were thus unable to truly defeat them.

Upon learning the identity of his creator, Nukus decided that Les Fortunes could be of use in providing him with all that he needed to begin conquering the Third Dimension. Upon springing him from jail, Nukus brought to life his second and third in command - Horribelle and Vilor; he also brought to life his foot soldiers - the Dregs.

Once the Beetleborgs gained Metallix powers, they began a war with Nukus to send him back where he belonged. Unlike the Magnavores, Nukus could think outside the box through the use of having new monsters created instead of bringing them to life out of a comic book, and thus prevent the heroes from having a resource to look up for its weakness.

He later gained a Mega form, Mega Nukus, from touching Les Fortunes' transmographier device which he destroyed soon after to ensure no one else received a upgrade from it.


  • His initial appearance seemed based on the traditional armor of a samurai warrior.
  • Despite Noxic calling him a Rhino, Nukus is actualy based on a dinosaur, specificly a triceatops. His mega form incorperates a Pterodactyl shape to hold his cape.
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